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We all seek happiness and want to rid ourselves of suffering so that we can enjoy our lives. Yet this seemingly simple goal is often the hardest one to reach.

If you are having trouble feeling like yourself, are unhappy or anxious, stressed about your love relationship or about the direction of your career and don't know quite where to go with your life, I can work with you to gain the insight and make the changes that will help set things in the right direction. I strive to help people identify those things in the present and in their past that keep them from those goals, and to change patterns of feeling, thinking, and behaving that get in the way.

I am a trained Psychoanalyst - for those individuals seeking deep exploration of their psyche I am available to undertake this time honored, effective treatment. Within this framework, I seek to find what works best for each individual.

I have a special interest in working with non-conformist people in creative professions. 

Coping with life's situations can be difficult. For some people, unresolved conflicts originating in the past and repeated in the present can make fulfillment of their objectives in love, work, and other forms of creativity very difficult without working through this history. Others seek tools to help them cope with particular present problems they are experiencing.

My therapeutic approach is to assist you in reaching your personal, professional, or relationship goals with more effective and creative ways of thinking and feeling. 


I accept a variety of health insurance plans - please select the "Insurance" page from the menu above for further information.

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